"Chugunoleene - Parvomay" AD is equipped with the latest high-performance equipment. It has two 4 ton, 200 Hz induction furnaces "INDUCTOTHERM" with performance 4 tons of molten metal per hour.


The company is equipped with molding machine Loramatic VMM 6080 A vertical parting line and variable cell sizes 480h600mm; 480h750mm and 600h750mm shape and thickness up to 500 mm. The machine is equipped with automatic core inserting and quick coupler Blanche. Its output is a 400 forms per hour. Depending on the nature of the casting part throughput is 1200 ÷ 1800 t.

МСR 8 – 3

Production of billets by continuous casting. MCR 8-3 may spill low alloy steel with a velocity of 0.5 m / min. up to 4 m / min. and the length of the output to 6 months technical capacity to 1,500 tons per month.


Metal pouring is done by automatic machine "AUTO POUR" by "INDUCTOTHERM" with capacity 7.5 tons per hour, equipped with a device for modifying the "FOSECO" video and control system "VISI POUR".


Preparing a moldable mixture through the complex machinery of the "Space". The entire process of preparing the mixture, molding, modifying the metal and pouring is done by full computer control.

SPECTROMAX - Quality control

The control of the melt in the production process is carried out by express analysis with SPECTROMAX. The quality of the molding and core mixtures are analyzed in a specialized laboratory. Final inspection and testing of castings is performed in chemical and mechanical laboratories.
Control plans are embedded in the process for the casting.


Chemical composition - analyzes on quantometer "SPECTROMAX" applying the classical method for the analysis of ferrous metals.
Mechanical properties - measured on a tensile machine Э 50P; Hardness using the "Rockwell" and "Brinell" test for sustainability of the brake shoes.
Microstructure – analyses with microscope "BUEHLER" with "OMNIMET 9.0" softwaree, measuring size, number, length, diameter of plates or spheres and more.